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John Lawlor - Interview - "2nd Last Chance"

Ein Video von einem Downhiller für Downhiller! Das ist für uns die klare Quintessenz von "2nd Last Chance". Mit "2nd Last Chance" trifft der Regisseur und Produzent John Lawlor punktgenau den Nerv eines jeden Downhillers. Bei so viel Hingabe zu unserem Sport war es für uns natürlich ein besonderes Vergnügen, John einige Fragen stellen zu dürfen.

Fraktur: Hello John, please describe yourself to our readers.
John: I was born in Drogheda in 1979. I have been racing bikes since I was 11 years old. I have represented Ireland at 9 world championships since 1997. I have 6 national championships titles under my belt. I am currently in college doing multimedia and producing mountainbike films for peoples enjoyment. I surf in my spare time and try and get out on my bike as much as possible.

Fraktur: Up to now, what is the most important success for you?
John: Probably winning the national champs so many times is important, but the my ultimate ambition was to do really well at world cup level. It took a long time to realize that I was n ever going to be the best in the world, so the most important thing for me was to make sure I enjoyed what I was doing. If your not enjoying yourself, there's no hope for you.

Fraktur: At the beginning of this year you had an elbow injury caused by a crash. Will you go back next year to drive races?
John: I have almost recovered from my crash at the beginning of the year, but its not too important for me at the moment. I don't have the competitive edge I used to have, and my body is getting pretty battered too. I really enjoy racing, and when I get in the zone I can be tough to beat. Who knows, I might try and concentrate on racing, or I might try and get another film done. Who knows!?

Fraktur: Ireland is well-known as a perfect holiday country. What does the mountain bike scene looks like?
John: The scene is growing. Over the past 2-3 years the N.P.S. has definitely got a real sense of identity. There are more and more good riders coming up through the ranks and making a real impression at world cup level. Ben Reid to name but one. Definitely one to watch out for over the next few years.

Fraktur: N.P.S? What means that?
John: National Points Series.

Fraktur: How did the idea develop to produce "2nd Last Chance"?
John: I just wanted to produce a film that was easy to watch and that would appeal to everyone into mountain biking. There is real good footage and there is a personality behind the riders. I wanted to try and show this. I want to keep the viewer entertained. There are a lot of films out there that you just want to fast forward to get to the good bits. Hopefully all of my film is the good bit.

Fraktur: What means the title "2nd Last Chance"?
John: Your guess is as good as mine!

Fraktur: You accompany the world cup at four races in Europe. How do you finance that?
John: My flexible friend for the most part. It was definitely tough finding the cash to fund it. I approached a number of companies at the beginning of then year for funding, but none were interested. I decided to give it a blast on my own and see what I could come up with!

Fraktur: There is a scene in the video that shows flatland. Why BMX?
John: I have always loved bmx flatland, and my friend honcho filmed that section a few years ago, so I decided to use it just to show something different. It's a bit of a time out from the flatout sections in the rest of the film. Some people like it, some people hate it. I say its all bikes, and it is amazing to watch.

Fraktur: Ben Reids Back Garden...where can we find these?
John: Those spots are dotted all over ireland. Some of them we're not even supposed to ride bikes at. So for the moment you are going to have to keep wondering. I am not telling!

Fraktur: How do you see the development of Downhill?
John: It needs to get back on mainstream television if it wants to build numbers back up. The courses need to be bigger, faster with more emphasis on spectators in mind. At the moment the riders are riding so fast and the courses are not reflecting that speed.

Fraktur: What are your personal goals for the future?
John: Not to sure really. I am kind of in un-chartered territory. I will have to wait and see if "2nd Last Chance" is successful. Who knows, I might make more films if this one works out. But I want to be involved in bikes in some form or another for the rest of my life, I've got it in the blood!

Fraktur: Where can our readers buy the video "2nd last chance"?
John: The film is being distributed through chilli video world wide, so you can buy it on their website from the end of this month. Most decent bike shops should be stocking it. If they don't, tell them to get their asses in gear and get it!

Fraktur: What is your favourite spot?
John: My favourite riding spot has to be whistler, Canada. My local place to go and ride is probably ravensdale. Great any time of year. Loads of roots and rocks, flat out sections. The place has it all.

Fraktur: And your favourite breakfast?
John: Strong coffee, coco pops, and some scrambled eggs and toast.

Fraktur: How does a normal day look for you?
John: At the moment I'm in college studying multi-media. I just started at the beginning of September. I wanted to get the filming and editing out of the way before college started, but that didn't happen. Usually I am up at seven every morning and home at about five in the evening. I have never been so busy in my life!

Fraktur: A very personal question! Do you drink Stout?
John: Guinness for sure. Not too much though. I'm fond of the whiskey. Jameson and coke for me. Make sure you bring your drinking head if you are coming over!

Fraktur: Yes, I will do it! Thank you very much for the interview :-)

Die Vorstellung von "2nd Last Chance" findet ihr hier

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